VIKOR is Elevating the Industry


VIKOR is focused on all facets of the tower industry. Our trained, experienced and dedicated crews perform work on wireless, broadcast, microwave, wind energy, or any other towers. Your customers expect you to deliver high quality and consistent service. Your infrastructure is a key aspect of that delivery. So it should only be expected that the company helping to build the backbone of those services be held to those same expectations. We get you up and running and then help keep you running so that you can deliver on that promise to your customers.


The number of tower sites has skyrocketed over the past couple of decades with the advent and proliferation of cell phones and a multitude of other wireless devices that increase regularly. We understand the fast-paced demands of the wireless market while not forgetting the need for quality. With significant experience in both civil and aerial work, we provide it all from the first shovel of dirt to the final sweep test. We provide new construction, maintenance, troubleshooting, small cell, DAS, civil, and electrical.


With an increased population nationwide, energy is a growing commodity that we understand. Our areas of focus include telecom towers in utility and meteorological towers within the wind energy markets.

We provide new construction, maintenance & troubleshooting, small cell, DAS, civil, and electrical.


Telecommunications is an important pathway for service providers across all industries. It is no different for utility companies. Towers provide the needed infrastructure for communication across an increasingly complex web of communication for the utility industry.


Wind energy fills a growing portion of our nation’s energy needs. VIKOR has positioned itself as a top-flight provider of meteorological towers. When it comes to met towers, we offer it all so you can focus on what’s most important – generating electricity.

VIKOR Climbs Services


Transportation has evolved over the last 100 years. Even over the 30 years, we’ve been in business, the industry has changed immensely. Although the transportation industry has changed and modes of travel have evolved, the need to communicate across the country has not. At VIKOR, we provide experienced tower technicians and civil crews that build and maintain the telecom infrastructure that provides the backbone for communication across the nations rail transport.


In addition to these top tier services areas, over the past 30 years, our crews have extensive work in government, broadcasting, and many other telecommunications areas of services. If you’ve seen it, we’ve done it.


At VIKOR Teleconstruction, we have always believed that one of the best ways for us to find out how we might serve you better is to start a conversation. Drop us a line and see how we might work together to best meet your needs.