A 30-year anniversary may be considered a major milestone for a company of our size. We consider it as just getting started! Here’s to all the men and women who keep this great organization going every day and here’s to many more years to come!! #VIKOR
It’s been a great first week and the whole team is making it easy! Go VIKOR! #BeVIKOR
Elevating the industry requires a dedication to improvement, which often requires introspection and when necessary, evolution. It was our commitment to growth that drove us to the decision to change the company's name from Sioux Falls Tower & Communications to VIKOR Teleconstruction.
We have made the decision to change the company’s name to VIKOR Teleconstruction.
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Our brand promise is to set and elevate industry standards for customers and our workforce.
We continue to grow, just as our industry does.
With our 30 years of experience we elevate the industry by elevating our offerings, employees and quality of service.