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For the past 30 years, VIKOR, previously known as Sioux Falls Tower, has been a leading provider of wireless infrastructure, elevating the industry by elevating our offerings, our workforce and our quality of service. With offices in the northern plains and mountain west we dedicate a good share of our resources to projects throughout the United States. We stay at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry which requires a dedication to improvement, often requires introspection and when necessary, evolution.

It is this commitment to growth that has driven our decision to change our name to VIKOR Teleconstruction.

VIKOR will continue to grow upon Sioux Falls Tower’s legacy, offering our industry-leading services in an ever-expanding footprint in order to better serve our current and potential clients and their customers.



With offices throughout the great plains and mountain states, we are perfectly situated to benefit our customers with Unity, Elevation & Dedication in our expanding geographic footprint.

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VIKOR is involved in all facets of the tower industry. We have trained, experienced crews who perform work on all sectors of the telecommunications infrastructure with full turnkey services.


We believe that your job should add to your life experiences, not keep you from them. We don’t see any reason why the work you do can’t be the most exciting part of your day.



At our heights, the very thing that helps keep you safe needs attention. Make sure you’re doing regular inspections. Monday Morning Training: Safety Harness Inspections. #SafetyIsInOurDNA #BeVIKOR
Orem, Utah
What do you do when a fellow co-worker needs some help?? You jump in and lend a hand!! Glad we could be there to assist our fellow VIKOR family member, Nick H. Nick is taking on a new role in our Sioux Falls office. Safe travels to Sioux Falls from Utah, Nick! #VIKORFamily #VIKORGives
Orem, Utah
Celebrating the last of our completely awesome VIKOR offices, Utah and Montana. This group braves many elements in our daring and adventurous Mountain Region. In addition to many fun crew awards, Isaac Evans received Crew Chief of the Year and Shane Halverson received Crew Member of the Year awards. Congrats to all for your hard work and never quit attitudes!! #BeVIKOR
Orem, Utah
Last stretch! We’re in Orem, UT for our last days of Winter Training. We’ve combined our Utah and Montana offices for this one. These crews are hitting the ground running. #VIKORWinterTraining #BeVIKOR
Denver, Colorado
Celebrating our awesome VIKOR family at our Denver office. Thanks to our great employees and their significant others for helping to make a difference in 2019. In addition to many fun awards, Aaron Torrez received Crew Chief of the Year and Rob Fitch received Crew Member of the Year awards. Congrats to all for your hard work!! #BeVIKOR
Denver, Colorado
‪Denver training off and running! #VIKORWinterTraining #BeVIKOR ‬
Who’s next? Sometimes you just got to let loose and take a break. #HappyFriday #Unity #VIKORGames #BeVIKOR
Fargo, North Dakota
A little snow anyone?! Dylan, Dillon, and Josh fighting the January snow in Fargo, ND. Go get'em boys!! #BisonCountry #BeVIKOR
Rapid City, South Dakota
A great time to celebrate our VIKOR family at our Rapid City office. Thanks to our employees and their significant others for helping to make a difference in 2019. In addition to many fun awards, Robert Ropati received Crew Chief of the Year and Adam Buck received Crew Member of the Year awards. Well done Rapid City team!! #BeVIKOR
Rapid City, South Dakota
‪Rapid City office winter training is in full swing. Crews are getting recertified and trained. This is what we do!! #WinterTraining2020 #BeVIKOR ‬
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
As part of our annual company dinner we had the opportunity to highlight two individuals that have meant a great deal to our company, our founders, Bart Roberts and Craig Snyder. Thanks for taking a chance on a dream and for your positive influence on so many over these last 30 years. Cheers to you and your families for your examples of faith, dedication, unity, integrity, and elevation! #BeVIKOR
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Our annual company dinner was another great success with employees in Sioux Falls and their significant others. This gave us an opportunity to reconnect and honor a few individuals and have a few fun awards while we were at it! Congrats to all of our employees for an awesome 2019!! We love ya and wouldn't be here without you! Up next, our Rapid City office. Special thanks to @michaelwoolheater for the great photos! #BeVIKOR